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Excellence in Roofing is more than just a phrase here at Allstate Roofing; it is the only way in which we do business. With a long and storied history of service in the Sacramento and Bay Area, the Allstate Roofing family demands a strong commitment to customer service and the highest quality standards of craftsmanship. Allstate Roofing offers all the services that owners of residential and commercial buildings may need now and in the future to keep their property protected. The contractors worked on many local buildings in the past, including strip malls, shopping centers and doctors' offices. They can make the process of repairing, installing, replacing or maintaining a roof go much smoother than that owner might expect. Call (916) 900-8134 for a consultation or free estimate today.

GAF & Allstate Roofing . . . "Your Best and Safest Choice"
Professional installers have long preferred the rugged, dependable performance that only a GAF roof can offer, and have made our Timberline Shingles with Advanced Protection the #1 selling shingle brand in North America! Rated #1 in shingle quality by U.S. contractors and home builders
  • Rated #1 in shingle quality by contractors and home builders
  • Ranked #1 in #Brand Familiarity, Brand Used in the Past Two Years, Brand Used the Most, Highest Quality Brand in Remodeling 2015 Brand User Awards for Ridge Vent Systems
  • Named #1 in innovation for shingles and ridge ventilation by home builders
  • #1 in quality in the 2012, 2013, 2014, and 2015 BUILDER Brand Use Study, Roofing: Asphalt/Fiberglass Shingles category; winner 8 out of last 9 years
  • Winner of 2012, 2013, 2014, and 2015 Womens Choice Award, with 9 out of 10 female customers highly recommending the brand to others
  • Master Flow Solar Roof Vent named one of the Top 100 New Building Products of 2014 in Professional Builder magazine
  • Winner of the Innovation Award for Asphalt Roofing Shingles in both Home Builder Executive and Home Improvement Executive in 2011, 2012, 2013, and 2014
  • Energyguard Polyiso Insulated Sheathing named one of the 100 Best New Products of 2014 by Professional Remodeler Magazine
  • 2014 Category Winner from Green Wizard as Manufacturer that achieved outstanding performance in green building
  • Sienna Designer Lifetime Shingles selected for This Old House Top 100 Products of 2013
  • Winner of 2013 Professional Remodelers 101 Best New Products Award for new TruSlate products
  • Multiple winner of the Builders Choice Award

Residential Roofing Experts Here To Serve You

Choosing the right roofing product for your home can be a challenge but we have you covered here at Allstate roofing. If you are looking for a roofer in sacramento then we have you covered. Anyone who owns a home knows how important regular upkeep and maintenance are to the property's aesthetic value as well as comfort. HVAC system maintenance, yard work, painting and routine repairs all add to the home's overall functionality and beauty. However, one area that can often get overlooked is the roof and making the much needed roof repairs to your home. A skilled roofing contractor can be a valuable asset for any homeowner.

The roofing system of a home is a vital part of the home's comfort and is integral to maintaining the integrity of a structure. The damaging effects caused by exposure to the sun, rain, wind and snow can all add up to problems. As a roof ages, it is normal for asphalt shingles to start deteriorating. The shingles can tear loose, leaving vulnerable holes in the roofing system where water can seep in and cause damage.

Even when shingles seem to be intact, there can be underlying problems caused by cracked shingles or corrosion of the flashing. Any time there is a breach in the roofing system, there is a potential for water leaks, which lead to numerous other problems such as rot, mildew and eventually the collapse of the roof.

The Value Allstate Roofing Brings To Your Residential Roofing Problems Is Priceless.

Long before the roof is damaged beyond repair, a professional roofing contractor will be able to help restore the roof and ensure that it is watertight. Whether a roof is starting to show signs of age and is beginning to lose shingles, the shingles are developing problems such as curling or splitting, or the roof has sustained damage from high winds, taking steps to ensure that it is restored to a watertight condition is an essential part of protecting the home.

Sometimes, especially when the roof has extensive storm damage or is already approaching its maximum life expectancy, the best solution might be to have a new roof installed. Professional roofing contractors can fix any damage with the roof structure and then install a new roofing system for maximum safety and energy efficiency. Another solution that can save homeowners money is to simply re-roof over the existing shingles. Whichever solution a homeowner chooses, it is important that they understand the benefits and disadvantages of their choice.

A roofing contractor will offer professional solutions and help a homeowner determine how to best solve their roofing problem. In fact, an experienced roofing contractor is often able to help extend the life of a roof by providing fast repairs when needed. Every homeowner should have a roofing contractor they can call to help keep their roof in top condition. For your free estimate, please call us today at (916) 900-8134.

Residential Roofing Solutions in Sacramento

Our residential roofing department is devoted entirely to your residential roofing needs. Our residential department has experienced craftsmen and modern equipment to do the job safely and on time. In addition to our shingle products, we also offer ornamental and specialty roofs, such as bay windows, cupolas, and entries. Allstate Roofing places great emphasis on producing the highest quality of work at a fair price. We are committed to providing a personal, focused, professional service to you, our customer.

We also have extensive experience on the widest range of sloped roofs large or small, new construction, renovations or additions. Allstate Roofing can also provide you with an analysis of Residential Roofing Contractor in Sacramento what type of roof system is best for your home or building.

As part of our superior service, we provide customers with professional, experienced installers that will complete a roofing job promptly within one to two days. In addition to installing a quality roof with only the finest of products, our installers take care to protect all elements of your home or commercial property. We will protect your landscaping and will always clean your property of construction debris. Our commitment is to you, our customer, to provide you with the highest level of service.

At Allstate Roofing we are very experienced with all types of insurance claims that pertain to bad weather such as damage from hail, rain, snow and wind. We specialize with getting your job completed as quickly as possible! That's our specialty! Call today, (916) 900-8134 you'll be very pleased you did!

Residential Gutter Installation Services

If you need residential or commercial gutter installation in Sacramento then we have customized solutions available for your home or business. Homeowners spend significant time checking, updating and monitoring the soundness of their roof. However, there is often a lack of attention to the gutters and the importance gutters have to the overall strength of the roof and even the foundation of the home. When a homeowner notices that the gutters have leaks or other issues, there are a number of actions they can take. These actions range from performing simple repairs to calling in Folsom roofing professionals to assess, correct and restore the gutters of the home.

Gutters and downspouts protect the home from unwanted accumulations of water flowing off of the roof. If left unabated, the water, ice or snow is left to gather at the foundation of the home and can cause major issues. When a pool of water is formed, the ground underneath the water is completely saturated, which results is extreme pressure to the foundation and walls of the house. If this continues numerous times, the pressure can result in cracks in the foundation and walls. This will lead to more and more issues. Additionally, once the water evaporates, the soil settles and can result in settling, and the home's flooring can actually become uneven or cracked.

Keeping a home's gutters clear of things such as leaves, branches and birds' nests is one way to assure that the system can allow water to flow properly in order to be distributed correctly.

Why Choose Allstate Roofing Service For Your Residential Roof?

  • Honesty, Dependability, On-Time Performance.
  • Licensed, Bonded & Insured For Your Protection.
  • Satisfied customers are our goal, Award-Winning Quality.
  • Help in designing your project, Trained & Skilled Craftsmen.
  • Listens To Your Needs, Neat Clean Job Sites, Drug-Free Company.
  • Constant Communication & Customer Service is Our Highest Priority!

Does Allstate Roofing Offer Commercial Roofing Solutions As Well?

Yes we offer Commercial Roofing Services as well! Allstate Roofing is your commercial roofing contractor that can climb on the roof and get a feel for its condition and identify the areas that need the most help before making any recommendations. Visit our commercial roofing page to see more.

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