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Best Roofing Contractor in SacramentoExcellence in Roofing is more than just a phrase here at Allstate Roofing; it is the only way in which we do business. With a long and storied history of service in the Sacramento and Bay Area, the Allstate Roofing family demands a strong commitment to customer service and the highest quality standards of craftsmanship.

Why We Are The Best Rated Roofers in Sacramento

Choosing the right roofing product can be hard, having received the prestigious Master Elite Award by GAF, our vast experience has taught us the right way to install a roof, run a business and support the local community. Whether its budget, aesthetics, or the unique style of your home, we take everything into account to give you the very best type of product to fit your needs. We have proven ourselves to be the best Sacramento roofing company.

Allstate Roofing Is Your Premier Sacramento Roofing Contractor.

We are your go-to roofer in Sacramento, we are a fully licensed roofing contractor. Our services include providing new roof construction and roof repair services in the surrounding communities in Sacramento, Roseville, Rocklin, North Highlands, Davis, Woodland, Vacaville, Rio Linda, Loomis, Lincoln, Auburn, Galt, Lodi, Stockton, Antelope, North Highlands,Rancho Murrieta, Natomas, Yuba City, Herald, Fair Oaks, Rancho Cordova, Carmichael, Folsom, Orangevale, El Dorado Hills, Elk Grove, Wilton, and West Sacramento. We are expert roofers that you can trust!

What Quality Roofing Contractor In Sacramento Means.

At Allstate Roofing we believe that a job well-done is its own reward when providing roofing services. Whether its a roof repair or a new roof installation, it's so gratifying when we leave a job! we know our expert roofers have matched their best efforts with the excellent materials for quality results that will last a long time. Our roofing crew enjoys putting their best foot forward consistently, in every one of our projects. When you call Allstate Roofing on the job we will care for all your needs and provide the best help in design, maintenance, repair of your residential or commercial roof project.

We offer the following services for both residential and commercial customers: Roofing estimates, roof removal, roof installation, gutter Installations, metal roof installation, tile roof installation, flat roof repair, flat roof installation, gutter repair, tile roof repair, shingle roof installation, shingle roof repair, Shake roof removal, Dry-rot repair, and storm damage repair. Contact us today to see why we are the leading and affordable choice for all your roofing needs.

Why We Are The Best Sacramento Roofers.

With over 20 years of experience in the greater Sacramento area, we are equipped with well qualified roofing contractors that are focused on helping our clients save money through preventive maintenance and quality roof repair which will extend the life of the roof. We enjoy catering to our customers roofing needs and we know the urgency one feels when it comes to completing their roof project done quickly while utilizing the best roofing products and quality of craftsmanship.

Allstate Roofing with offices in Fair Oaks and in Rancho Cordova, CA is a Sacramento residential roofing and commercial roofing business. We first opened in 1997 and have been providing quality service and workmanship to homes and businesses ever since. We are experienced at assessing and working on roof repairs and remodeling jobs. Allstate Roofing is on a mission to provide the quality service and experience you can count on for emergency repair or to update your property.

Here Are Just A Few Of The Reasons You'll Love Our Roofers At Allstate Roofing

  • As certified commercial Sacramento roofing contractors, we understand the often-complex, critical art of commercial flat roofing projects. - Our expert craftsmen can do the job to meet or exceed your hopes, even if your roof has large air conditioning machinery, air vents, piping, or other obstacles.
  • We also provide experienced, expert residential roof service. There's no need to balance precariously on the steep slope of your high gables. We can get the job done well, and we get it done quickly without leaving a mess.
  • There's nothing as disconcerting as the sound of rain on a leaky roof. By the same token, there's nothing more relaxing than the sound of rain on a tight, snug metal roof. We're pros at metal roof installation. Why not upgrade to a roof that won't need maintenance for years?
  • We're expert at installing gutters and skylights, and we have plenty of experience with storm damage. If your roof needs it, we can help you.
Our service areas include Yolo County, Solano County, Sacramento County, Contra Costa County, Bay area, and Northern California.

Allstate Roofing is on a mission to provide the quality service and experience you can count on for emergency roof repairs, waterproofing, annual services, and maintenance, or to update your property with modern roof solutions.

Allstate Roofing Replacement Experts

Allstate Roofing is a leader in Residential Roof Replacement. What this means to you as a consumer is that you are working with a strong local company with a solid long term history of installing new high-quality roofs at a fair price. Some of our customers have had us replace their roofs several times due to moving, rental properties or severe storm damage. Read some of our testimonials from our customers and youll see why Allstate Roofing is a trusted Roofing Contractor.

If your roof is in need of repair or replacement, call us for a Free Estimate. Theres no obligation and you will then have professional advice on your roof system. Call us at (916) 900-8134 today.

Common Roofing Questions:

Before and after hiring professional roofers to do repairs, homeowners typically have plenty of questions. This is common sense they want to protect their houses, which are typically the biggest investments they will ever make. Sacramento roofing experts are there not only to answer all the questions homeowners have but also to make sure that the jobs are done correctly.

One common question that homeowners don't know the answer to is how they can recognize when their roofs have problems. Oftentimes, roofing problems go unnoticed until they start to leak, but serious damage has likely occurred by that time. This is why professional roofers recommend that homeowners get their roofs inspected at least twice a year. The best times to do this are during the spring and fall so that roofers can inspect and remove debris at the same time. Since debris buildup on roofs is most common during these times of the year, these are the perfect times to knock out two birds with one stone.

Homeowners often wonder what roofers look for during inspections. Some are under the impression that they only look for problems with the roof covering. However, the contractors also look for problems with the flashing, seals and other roofing materials.

This usually involves checking downspouts and gutters for visible signs of clogging or wear as well. They will also look for other signs of wear such as discoloration or cracked paint. Since homeowners often paint dark roofs light colors to prevent energy from being absorbed, cracked paint can lead to higher energy bills.

If homeowners discover that their roof needs to be replaced, they are often confused about their options. Roofers provide two services that homeowners can take advantage of in this situation. The first is to tear off the existing roof coverings and install new ones. This usually involves replacing the roofing deck as well. The second option is to do re-covers, which involve building the new roofs directly over the old roofs. Certain city building code requirements don't allow re coverings, but professional roofers will be able to inform homeowners if this is the case.

Some homeowners also have questions regarding what to do about leaky roofs. Many homeowners are under the false impression that leaks mean their roofs have to be completely replaced. This is not always the case since leaks can come from damaged flashing, cracked seals or certain shingles that may have become damaged or loose. However, homeowners should keep in mind that once 20 percent of their roof coverings need replacement, it usually becomes cheaper to have them entirely replaced.

Common Roof Mistakes For Sacramento Area Homes

The roof is one of the most important aspects of the home. Besides being among the most visible parts of the home's exterior, it functions as a vital barrier from the elements, so it's vital to choose an experienced and highly skilled Elk Grove roofing expert with a good reputation to ensure that these common roofing mistakes are avoided.

One of the major mistakes that low-quality roofing companies often tend to make is covering old shingles instead of replacing them. This usually applies when the shingles are damaged. When new shingles are placed on top of the old ones, it creates several areas where dirt and moisture can collect, which can cause damage and deterioration to occur much more quickly than it should. Homeowners should ensure the contractor removes all old roofing items before installing a new roof.

Another roofing mistake is the reusing of old flashing. Flashing prevents moisture from seeping into the home through vulnerable areas such as skylights, chimneys and roof valleys. Even if the old flashing may appear to be in good condition, reusing it may result in future problems. A homeowner should talk to the roofer to ensure that the old flashing is removed before replacing it with a new one to reduce the risk of wearing down.

The third mistake that commonly occurs in roofing maintenance is improper moisture protection. Although shingles play a vital role in diverting and deflecting moisture from the roof, it's important to install proper moisture protection underneath. The moisture barrier protects the decking from rain and moisture sources such as ice and snow. A high-quality moisture barrier should be installed to protect a roof from moisture.

The use of incorrect fastener length tends to lead to problems down the road as well. When the nails used to fasten the shingles are too short, there is a high risk of the shingles loosening. This can result in the shifting of the shingles and premature roofing repairs and replacements. Every homeowner should ensure that he or she uses nails that go well into the decking to prevent shifting or displacement of the shingles afterward.

The final common roofing mistake is the incorrect placement of the nails. In addition to the length of the fastener, nail placement is vital to the integrity of the roof. Improper placement of the nails can cause serious structural problems. Rather than leaving the nail heads exposed to the wind, sun and moisture, the roofer should place the nails underneath the top layer of shingles. This will prevent them from corroding, which can eventually lead to holes in the shingles.

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